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News articles, interviews, and behind the scenes videos featuring my work.

A 28 minute video deep-dive conversation about creating the effects for Station 19, with me, compositing supervisor Neil Craig, and 3D supervisor Michael Capton. Moderated by KSITE.TV's Craig Byrne. Includes lots of shot breakdowns and insight into how the team creates such terrifyingly real fire effects for the show.

FXGuide's Mike Seymour interviews Compositing Supervisor Mike Brumit, CG Supervisor Ron Herbst, and I about CoSA's work on on the STATION 19 episode 'Into the Wildfire', where we recreated the destruction of a Southern California suburb by a devastating brush fire.

From April 2019, Ian Failes from the Visual Effects Society's VFX Voice interviews Stunt Coordinator Tim Trella, Special Effects Supervisor Brendon O'Dell, and I about the huge stunt sequence for Lethal Weapon's series finale, where our stars jumped out a 34th floor window as the high-rise building blows up behind them.

From March 2019, Linda Romanello's interview with me in Post Magazine regarding CoSA's work adding the fire to ABC's firefighter show 'Station 19'.

From August 2018, an article that quotes me regarding the Television Academy awarding the Governors Award to the STAR TREK franchise at the 2018 Emmy Awards ceremony. I chaired the TV Academy committee that spearheaded this effort.

From September 2016, celebrating the 10th anniversary of the seminal superhero series HEROES, an interview by Emily Gaudette looking back at that show, and discussing the boom of DC and Marvel superhero shows that came after.

From August 2013, here is a 43 minute podcast interview I did with FXGuide's Mike Seymour in response to my blog post criticizing the way the entertainment media reports about television visual effects, and how they should be reporting on artistry, not technology.

A behind the scenes look of how we created one of the signature effects of the Doctor Who episode 'Nightmare in Silver', that aired on May 11, 2013.

From the March 2013 issue of the International Cinematographers Guild monthly magazine featuring the cinematography and visual effects for the Soviet submarine drama PHANTOM.

From 2009, the HEROES Season 3 DVD set features a "behind the scenes" feature with the crew from Stargate Studios, detailing how we created the Emmy winning effects for the series, and the process we went through to push the envelope on television effects week after week.

From September 2008, Animation World Network's Tara Bennett interviewed me about the explosion of awesome work in the series' new season.

From November 2007, The Washington Post's Amy Amatangelo details the evolving world of television effects, featuring interviews with me, as well as the creative teams behind Pushing Daisies, Supernatural, and Bones

From May 2007, Mike Seymour interviews VFX Supervisor Mark Kolpack and I about the challenges of creating the visual effects for HEROES season 1.

From August 2005, an article by Sarah Baisley announcing my appointment by Stargatge Studios as Supervising Producer, overseeing the producers and coordinators of the company's Los Angeles, Vancouver, and London offices.

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